Stewardship of Charity


As part of our Full Stewardship Spirituality, we will hold our annual parish Stewardship of Charity event remotely this year on Sunday, February 14.  Each year we designate 2% of our previous year’s collections to be given to charitable organizations.  Charities eligible for nomination must serve the poor, their mission and work must be consistent with Catholic moral teaching, and they must be charities not already regularly supported by our parish (for example, through envelopes or special events).  To date, we have given approximately $235,000 to charities that our parishioners have chosen.   This year we will donate $37,340, a 2% increase over last year,  Any parish member may nominate a charity (one per family), which must be submitted by January 31 for consideration.  Charities nominated in previous years may be nominated again.  We like to help as many as possible, so no one charity may receive more than 10% of the fund.  Come make a difference for the charity of your choice!  Please be prepared to provide the name, mailing address, email, and phone number of the charity you are nominating.   If you do not have a charity to nominate, you may still participate in the voting process and help decide where the parish funds will be allocated. This is appropriate for all ages and an excellent opportunity to get future generations involved in actively giving.


  •  Any parish member may nominate a charity (one per family) that helps the poor and whose mission is consistent with Catholic moral teaching. There are no restrictions against nominating charities which have previously received donations. See the next slide for ineligible charities which are already supported by the parish
  • Each household will have 10 votes (no proxies). No household may cast more than 5 of their 10 votes for any one charity.  After the votes have been tabulated, $37,340 (2% of previous calendar year’s collections-) will be distributed proportional to the number of votes received. 
  •  No one charity may receive more than 10% of the total amount.  If a charity exceeds that limit, their excess contribution will be distributed among the other nominated charities proportional to the number of votes those charities received.

Stewardship of Charity 2021 Timeline                                        January 15, 2021   Nomination form added to website                  January 17, 2021   Nominations officially start                              January 31, 2021   Nominations end at noon                                February 5, 2021   Staff reviews/approves nominations                February 8, 2021   Approved organizations added to website                                                      for parish awareness/research                          February 12, 2021  Voting forms added to website                        February 14, 2021  Voting officialy starts                                        February 16, 2021  Voting ends at 4:00 pm                                    February 17, 2021  Results available at 4:00 pm                       

List of Charities Ineligible for Nomination
(Already supported by Parish)

St. Raymond Parish (Sister Parish)                         Black and Indian Missions     

Catholic Campaign for Human Development      Catholic Communication Campaign   

Catholic Home Missions Appeal                          Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal   

Catholic Relief Services                                        Collection for the Needy (Christmas   

Gibault Catholic High School                               Holy Land (Good Friday)   

Newman Center at SIU                                       

Peter's Pence/Holy Father                                    March for Life   

Retirement Fund to Religious                              Rice Bowl   

St. Vincent de Paul                                              Seminary Education   

Sr. Thea Bowman School                                    World Mission Sunday/Propagation of the Faith   

The Messenger  



Voting Will Begin On February 14th.