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We are all anxious to move into our new Catholic Education and Activity Center, and it was a disappointment last August, when due to a rainy summer, we had to delay our move-in date from January 7 to March 18. With almost twice the annual rainfall for this year and the coldest and wettest November in 30 years, we have lost too many outside construction work days to allow the interior of the building to be under roof in time for it to be fully completed by our proposed March 18 timeline. Hence, our move into the new building will not take place until after this school year, probably in June, and ICS and PSR will not be having classes in it until the new school year. This is a disappointment to us all, but we are determined to do it right rather than try to hurriedly finish it in a rush because we want it to serve our parish for a long, long time. Thanks to John Whitworth and Korte-Luitjohan Contractors for doing all they possibly can to keep the project moving forward in spite of the poor weather conditions for construction. And thanks to everyone for your support and prayers for this project, and for your patience. Let us continue to trust that God will make everything work out for the best, for God is good… all the time!!

~Fr. Carl, Pastor, ~Mike Whelan, BCOF Committee