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Posted by Hope Wienhoff on 3/19/18

It’s been five years since the white smoke appeared from the Sistine Chapel and the bells at St. Peter’s Basilica pealed on that rainy evening in Rome on March 13, 2013, and Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was introduced to the world as the 266th successor of St. Peter. As ... Read More »


Posted by Hope Wienhoff on 3/13/18

“What have you been reading lately?” was a question our former Director of Faith Formation, Russell Peterson, would sometimes ask me as a conversation starter. Russ left us quite suddenly three years ago this March 20, but I still often think of that question. Russ, I’m reading a book ... Read More »

The CSMA kicks off this weekend

Posted by Hope Wienhoff on 3/04/18

For the past 13 summers, teens from our parish, along with adult leaders, have journeyed down to Cairo, IL, for a weekend mission trip to offer assistance to people in need in this poverty stricken community. They spend the weekend painting and repairing homes, and doing yard work and ... Read More »

Our Youth

Posted by Hope Wienhoff on 2/28/18

I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am by the Parkland High School students who survived the Valentine’s Day Massacre, and how they have organized with such focus and determination to do everything they can to make sure that such a tragedy never again happens in any ... Read More »

Lent might be a good time for all of us to reflect upon how we drive

Posted by Hope Wienhoff on 2/19/18

In a recent homily, Pope Francis created quite a stir when he stated that you can tell a lot about a person’s character by the way they drive. I tend to agree with him. Lent might be a good time for all of us to reflect upon how we ... Read More »

Lent is an opportune time for us to renew that commitment we made on January 1

Posted by Hope Wienhoff on 2/12/18

“He could speak a dozen different languages, but he couldn’t hit in any of them,” one of his major league teammates said about Moe Berg, who was a back-up catcher in the major leagues from 1923 – 1939. While I was in Florida, this quote was from the book ... Read More »

It's been 32 years...

Posted by Hope Wienhoff on 2/03/18

It was 32 years ago that I was in Ft. Myers, Florida with Fr. Jim Buerster, Fr. Ted Baumann and Fr. Bill Hitpas, playing golf nearly every day. But a cold spell hit and we decided it was too cold for golf, so we headed up north and spent ... Read More »

Florida palm branches looking good...

Posted by Hope Wienhoff on 1/30/18

As I have mentioned to you before, I enjoy movies, but seldom get to go except during my annual two week trip to Florida. This trip I saw six movies, two of which have just been nominated for an Academy Award as Best Picture. The six movies were: “All ... Read More »

Because of his example, I try to always avoid ever talking about how busy I am.

Posted by Hope Wienhoff on 1/09/18

From 1976–1998, he was one of the regular participants in our annual Diocesan Priests tennis tournament, and he always wore red socks with his tennis shoes when he played. I used to tease him about trying to win the “best dressed” award for the tournament. He was an extremely ... Read More »

Contingency Plan

Posted by Hope Wienhoff on 1/02/18

As I mentioned a couple of months ago, the Diocese asked each parish partnership to have a contingency plan in place for when there is only one priest available to serve all the parishes in the partnership. Our partnership is with Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Dupo, and ... Read More »