Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council advises and cooperates with the pastor and pastoral staff in planning and coordinating the parish’s ministry efforts. The Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except July and December) at 7:00 p.m. in the Knights of Columbus Room in the New Church.


Pastoral Council Minutes 


Discerned Members and Trustees
5akosrcxja8z4msycrb2z0lgsil.jpgChairLarry Stout                      psekdqsnh00ur7ubb0yi7skq0rl.jpgVice Chair Lauren 
3kcarf5mlzo2c1p55o4jyinj71l.jpgSecretary Mary Wilson  
Kathy Daniels 
 Lisa Barnes                    
Teresa Dorshorst
457xnbl3guturz5en7zvcl2re5l.jpgPat McDermott          
Maria Renner
Richard Southard
Pat Grawitch
Trustee Steve Raney
Trustee Dona Toenjes


Ex Officio Members
fbtbk6xymob4kthunkxy8pealsl.jpgFr Carl Scherrer  281-5105, ext. 158 
x0tss0j4lfwbnggewklpy62rpsl.jpgMike Kish  281-5353, ext. 100 
flnu60ifkdnj7fuqnl4uw18lk8l.jpgKeith Huels  281-5105, ext. 152
 Lizanne Young  281-5105, ext. 154
lnxt79te6p3kx69ae5fph9zaell.jpgMary Beth Babcock  281-5105 ext. 153
7k62yb4yhcp1oxvs3tlfi4gu71l.jpgKaren Lundy  281-5105 ext.359