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Because of his example, I try to always avoid ever talking about how busy I am.

Posted by Hope Wiehoff on 1/09/18

From 1976–1998, he was one of the regular participants in our annual Diocesan Priests tennis tournament, and he always wore red socks with his tennis shoes when he played. I used to tease him about trying to win the “best dressed” award for the tournament. He was an extremely ... Read More »

Contingency Plan

Posted by Hope Wiehoff on 1/02/18

As I mentioned a couple of months ago, the Diocese asked each parish partnership to have a contingency plan in place for when there is only one priest available to serve all the parishes in the partnership. Our partnership is with Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Dupo, and ... Read More »

One of My Favorite Scripture Verses

Posted by Hope Wiehoff on 12/27/17

One of my favorite Scripture verses, found in the infancy narrative of the Gospel of Luke, is when the Angel Gabriel said to Mary, “For nothing will be impossible for God (Luke 1:37).” As construction on our new Catholic Education and Activity is now in its third month, I ... Read More »